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Classic Supima Cotton V-Neck

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Classic V-neck. The perfect classic fit for every occasion, lightweight but also heavy enough to ensure it isn't see-through. Made with 100% supima cotton. Fabric is dyed, to give a soft touch for a luxe lived-in feel. Clean finished sleeve and the perfect length bottom hem.

  • Made in the USA

  • 100% Supima Cotton

  • Dyed fabric for a luxe lived-in feel

  • Length: 27 in.

  • Machine wash cold with like colors. Hang or tumble dry on low.

Cost Per Wear: 

- 5 Wears: $8.40

-10 Wears: $4.20

-25 Wears: $1.68

-50 Wears: $0.84


This v-neck has been responsibly crafted by our makers here in Southern California, using 100% natural fibers.  Made with our signature fabric, Supima Cotton. We choose Supima cotton as it is the best sustainable option for our makers, your skin and our environment.  Our Supima Cotton is locally grown and pesticide-free. Cotton is naturally carcinogen, plastic & microplastic free making it better for your skin than other fabrics such as polyester blends.  We do not use azo dyes in any of our clothing, being better for you and the environment.

Our manufacturing process is 100% responsible and fair trade and we ensure our makers are getting paid a fair wage because without them, we wouldn't have you. We serve people at our core so you can enjoy wearing our season-less staple that is soft for everyday wear. 

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