Eco-Friendly Hotel Amenities


Increasingly more and more hotels are becoming eco-friendly. By 2023 all of California Hotels will have to get rid of all single-use plastics. This is a huge step and presents hotels with a challenge to keep up with staying sustainable.  I have made it easy for you to supply and give you 5 Sustainable Ideas for In-Room Amenities: 

1. Go Biodegradable with your Minibar

You'd be surprised how many people loose their bags annually and underpants are the #1 clothing item forgotten! If you know how terrible it is to be sans panties than this is a way to quickly satisfy your guests with what they need. 

Men's Soft Boxer Briefs

 Soft Viscose Boxer Briefs

2. Eco Pod Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash

These are the perfect solution to going zero waste in your hotel property. The containers are 0% Plastic and you just add water to the powder. They come in a perfect one use size so you also won't waste any products! 

Single-Use Plastic Free Hotel Amenities

3. 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Toothbrushes 

These are the perfect replacement to ditch your plastic toothbrushes. 100% biodegradable and completely plastic free. 

Zero Waste Toothbrush for Hotels

 4. Biodegradable 100% Supima Cotton Crew

This is the perfect solution to sustainable in-room amenities that solve the problem of luggage-less travelers who lost their bags along the way OR for your employee uniforms! An easy hotel purchase for all areas and great as Supima Cotton gets softer with each wash! You can even logo the t-shirts for increased brand awareness! 

Sustainable Hotel Uniforms


5. Bamboo Razor 

Another easy way to ditch plastic! According to this article, "2 billion plastic razors are produced each year in the US." This bamboo razor is a great, easy option to enhance your sustainable hospitality program at your property. 

Bamboo Hotel Amenities

Let us know what you think of these easy sustainable hotel amenity swaps! Email us at for wholesale prices on any of these eco-friendly hotel amenities. 

-Leisure of NYC

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