Best Sustainable Valentine's Day Gifts for Him in 2021

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is here. Sorry to pile on the pressure, but it is just around the corner- a few days to be exact! And there is nothing more important than this Valentine's Day than to buy comfort. Still working from home? We got you! Still wearing Loungewear? We got you! 

I know most of you haven't felt particularly "put-together" in your leisurewear this year -- so, this one's for you! Our Basics make you feel put-together, while still remaining cozy and sexy - win win for you and your S.O! 

These gifts can also be for those who have been dating for 4 months or married for 4 years! But this year’s going to be different. Why, you ask? Because you’ve got this list of Supima Cotton Basics that are sustainably focused for your boyfriend/husband/partner/whatever you wanna call your man. This is a curated collection of sexy supima cotton gifts for your man ;) ya know.. the undies are the most important part of this season and we have the best! Take it from our customers who call them The Magical Material Boxers..

Now that the hard part’s complete (you're welcome!) all you have to do is wrap it up and watch him smile.


Our Men's Supima Cotton Classic Crew that was Featured in Refinery29 this last Father's Day - even R29 calls it some of the best Men's Gifts around! See for yourself! 

Men's Classic Supima Cotton Crew 

Supima Cotton Men's Crew


Our best seller this last year was our Men's Soft Boxer Briefs.  We know you were all lounging around the house so why not treat him to the best 100% Viscose Soft Boxers around! 

3-Pack Men's Soft Viscose Boxer Briefs

Viscose Soft boxer Briefs


We hope you have a magical Valentine's Day and please let us know how your Man's feeling in his new elevated basics! 

xoxo Leisure Team.


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