Polyester Free Favorites

You asked.. I'm answering! As you (may) know our thing is making everything without polyester.  

When we went to redevelop our Men's Boxers in 2019 I dove deep into different fabrics and found studies upon studies on how disruptive Polyester is. From then on, once you know, you can't consciously produce products with it. Knowing most boxers out there have polyester in them - we knew we only had one option & that was to be different. I have put together some of my all-time favorite items that are free of polyester aka plastic. 

LEISURE of NYC - Classic Crew

You can't go wrong with our Classic Crew. Developed for  Men, but has coined the term 'unisex crew' at many of the hotels we sell at. For Women, it is the perfect oversized tee to wear with jeans or a great nightgown ( size up.) 100% Supima Cotton for a luxe lived-in feel.

Kaktos Socks 

My all-time favorite socks! Once you put them on, you will just know. Super soft & made with Supima Cotton, which is what our classic shirts are made out of as well. 

Coyuchi Sheets + Towels

Polyester should not be in your bed! You are in close contact with your sheets and studies show that polyester causes respiratory infections, carries carcinogens on them, due to the dyes placed on polyester. It takes a lot to dye plastic! Also, one thing to add is that your body does sweat and release 'vapor' every night. Polyester sheets will not absorb this. Make sure to get natural fiber sheets; cotton, linen, etc.

Mandala Fashion Leggings and bras & Mud Jeans

I have not tried these two companies yet. However; I felt like going 1 year without buying polyester pants was the hardest to find along with bras + leggings. I actually didn't buy any new pairs of jeans, bras or leggings within that year - I guess I'm a minimalist ;) Let me know if you have tried these companies or know of others that you like! Yoga pants are so hard to find without polyester!! 

GuppyFriend Washing Bag

This is a little disturbing as it will show you all the microfibers coming off of your clothes! I still wear clothes with polyester, such as some coats, etc. I try not to wear them when I am hot or sweating as when your pores are more open, they are more receptive to the chemicals. Always wash your polyester clothes in a bag like this so that the polyester fibers do not go into the ocean and get into fish guts (one study showed 80% of the debris contamination in the guts of American Fish are from microfibers.) 


LEISURE of NYC - Soft Boxer Briefs  

Studies show that polyester diminishes sperm count in men. That study is located on our 'study tab.' Enough said :) 


Hope this was helpful. Please leave your questions or comments below. I would love to hear if you have tried any of these products or have others that are your favorites! 


xoxo, LEISURE Team.

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