Do you know whats in the dye of your apparel?

As mentioned in our last blog, polyester fabric attracts many chemicals. It takes a lot to dye plastic – imagine how much dye it would take to get it to stick to a plastic bottle!

After lots of research on how we wanted to produce our clothes, we found out many fabrics, including organic cotton (!), have carcinogenic chemicals on them. Benxothiazoles is a widely used chemical that is found on polyester (a known fabric we stay away from!) 

From a study we came across, benxothiazoles were found in:

  • 79% of textile samples (raw as well as tailored)
  • The highest concentration of Benxothiazoles was found in printed graphics of infant bodysuits
  • Printed graphics on clothes and polyester socks have the highest concentration of benxothiazoles
  • Dermal exposure from benxothiazoles on textiles was several tens to hundreds of pg daily
  • Lab studies have shown that benxothiazoles are endocrine-disrupting chemicals
  • Benxothiazoles and its derivatives (collectively referred to as BTRs) has an estimated annual production of over 9000 tons in the United States alone

As by now, I hope you see the impact and health hazard benxothiazoles can be. The study also provided a chart for us as they researched the chemical on different colors of dyes. Some had higher, some had lower levels, but remember no amount is great for you.



From the study, a market research firm indicated that the textile chemical market is expected to grow at 3.7% annually from its current U.S. market value of $21 billion globally.

Please leave us with any questions or comments you may have below! I hope this was helpful for you & remember, clean out your closest just one basic at a time!

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