Best Gifts for Men 2022

Christmas is right around the corner and as we know the Men get pushed to the end of the list, since they are the hardest to buy for.. but fret no more! We have put together a list of our favorite Men's items over the last year! 

Men's Supima Cotton Crew

As you know, a Refinery 29 favorite tee. This tee has been a celebrity favorite this year -- we can't name names but trust us - celebrities have this on subscription! Supima Cotton is breathable, stronger and retains color better than conventional cotton - that is why it is a wardrobe staple! 


Brightland Olive Oil

These sets are the perfect gift for the chef in your life. I got these for my husband last Valentine's Day and he loved them! Now they have these kits where you can try minis of all their products! Highly Recommend.

Men's Soft Boxer Briefs

Our New Royal Blue color has been a hit! Who knew Men loved a little color in their lives ;) These boxer Briefs are the softest thing you will own. Made from bamboo they are naturally moisture-wicking and breathable. Plus is they are also plastic free, unlike many polyester blends out there today.


airbnb Gift Card

I have yet to meet a guy that doesn't like to travel. This is the best way to say can you take me on your next trip? :) 


Ember Mug

I am actually getting my husband one of these this year. We recently got rid of our microwave during our kitchen renovation and this is the perfect thing so you don't have to reheat your morning cup of joe! Also, what guy doesn't drink coffee? 

gift guide for men - coffee lovers


I hope you enjoyed those recommendations - we always like to keep our gift guides short as I get so bored scrolling so many loooonng gift guides. 


Let us know what you end up getting for your Men this year! 




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