Benefits of Hemp Fabric

We worked for two years to bring you the best sustainable fabric on the market for our leggings! We wanted the fit and feel of polyester without the micro-plastics on our skin. That is how we came up with the Organic Cotton/ Hemp blend! The organic cotton adds the breathable touch with it's durability and the hemp adds even more durability with the soft stretch. We are also proud to have the least amount of spandex in our leggings than anyone else in the sustainable market today at only 5%! Most sustainable legging brands have 7% and up. Since Hemp is a new fabric to our brand we wanted to share why we choose hemp and the great benefits it offers: 

What are the main benefits of Hemp Fabric?

1. Hemp is naturally antibacterial & moisture wicking!

According to this study, wearing hemp and cotton fabrics keep the body at a lower temperature compared to chemical fibers like polyester. 

2.Hemp fields absorb 22-24 tonnes of c02 per hectare!

That is 2.47 acres! That is more c02 per hectare than any other plant! That is how hemp has coined it's name Carbon Sink :) 

3. Hemp Fabric is free of toxic chemicals and pesticides! 

Hemp can grow without any fertilizer & the hemp stalk is pest-resistant. That is why it can be grown without pesticides or insecticides. Hemp plants also grow very fast; which makes it difficult for weeds to take hold. Eliminating the need for herbicides and artificial fertilizers! 


Try our Organic Cotton/ Hemp Leggings today! 

Organic Coastal Gray Leggings

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