Are your Polyester Boxers lowering your sperm count?

Did you know your clothes can lower your sperm count!? Let us explain.. 

We have all heard about BPA in our plastic containers we microwave our food in, but did you know that BPA can also be found in your clothes? A new study stated: New testing shows high levels of BPA in Sports Bras and Athletic shirts and while you might be wondering what this has to do with boxers ... well lots of boxer brands use the same polyester fabric that was studied here. Not to mention all the studies we have shared in the past about polyester boxers diminishing sperm count.  

A lot of the brands they studied for BPA in clothing includes, North Face, Brooks, Nike, All in Motion, PINK, Asics, Athleta, and FILA.

BPA, is a well studied hormone disrupting chemical, which mimics estrogen and can disrupt the normal functioning of the body including: 

  • Metabolism
  • Growth and Development
  • Reproduction


"It’s unclear if ingesting or absorbing BPA through the skin is worse for you, says Patricia Hunt, a molecular bioscience professor at Washington State University. About 25 years ago while studying mice, she was the first researcher to link abnormalities in egg chromosomes to BPA.

When ingested, BPA is immediately metabolized and most of it is released through urination, whereas when absorbed through the skin, the metabolic process slows and BPA hangs around longer in your body, she says. “You could argue that dermal delivery is a better way to get an exposure that’s going to have a biological effect.”

The Important part to note is BPA in your clothing will not wash out over time. According to the study:

"The Center for Environmental Health recommends reducing exposure to polyester and spandex fabrics and avoiding the products on their lists. BPA doesn’t just wash out over time. “We have been telling people as much as possible to limit the amount of time that they wear their clothing,” says Díaz Leiva. “So after you finish a workout, take off your sports bra or your shirt.”

This is why our Men's Boxers are made with bamboo, polyester and BPA free. We care about you and what goes on your body - we want to help you take care of it for generations to come. Check them out here! 

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