21 Sustainable New Years Resolutions for 2021

Don't have a New Years Resolution yet? That probably means you have been thinking a lot about it and want something that will last. We may be biased, but we think a sustainable resolution is what you need! It's not only good for you but also the environment. The best thing when changing to a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to do it in slow, small steps. Big goals and changes never see it through to the end. Set up small steps for yourself to see a big change down the road. Small goals also help you keep motivated to keep going! 

So here are 21 steps we came up with to make a big change in 2021! 

1. Minimize your Wardrobe

Unfortunately, our society tells us we need a new outfit everyday. It is more of a mind game than anything else. Fast Fashion started this- telling us that we can have as many outfits as we want, because they are cheap! Clean out your closet and go for minimal, long lasting fabrics and pieces that you can rewear! 

2. Learn to Cook! 

This actually is a great way to minimize your plastic use! Most take-out places (especially now with Covid-19) and most restaurants doing Take-Out only tend to send your food in plastic containers. This is a great way to save money and the planet all in one! 

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint 

One easy way I like to do this is by eating a plant-based diet most of the week. My husband and I have skimmed down to only eating meat a few times a week. This can be an easy goal for you and start with as many nights that you feel you can achieve and go from there! 

4. Get Outside! 

One of my goals for 2021 is to work from our patio. It brings me more joy and with the sun going down early in the winter - it adds to my happiness. There are many studies out there that say happiness and nature are correlated! 

5. Boot Fast Fashion

After you have minimized your closet to a more capsule wardrobe - make sure you stick to it! Don't buy into the mind game of 'needing' multiple outfits. Stick to organic, sustainable brands and try to buy local! 

6. Thrift Shop! 

I have learned to love this over the last year - for anything house related to even clothes! You can find some nice vintage pieces for your home.  It is better to buy local and thrift than buying something new - rather than using energy and paper/plastic to ship new items. 

7. Shop Locally

For.. everything! Like I mentioned in #6 - shopping locally will reduce your carbon footprint - not using gas to ship new items. It also supports your local business and what is better than that right now! 

8. Buy only Natural Fibered Clothes

This includes, our Signature Supima Cotton, Wool, Silk etc. Buy reusable materials in your clothing because after all clothing is one of the biggest sources of waste in our world! 

9. Go Azo Dye Free! 

A big way to reduce waste most people don't think about is to buy clothing with low-impact dyes. Unfortunately the dyes in our clothes produce a lot of toxins for our environment. Choose Azo Dye Free clothing! 

10. Do a Local Clean Up! 

This is a great way to help your community and reduce waste! Google an organization in your area to help and donating and giving always feels better than receiving! 

11. Buy USA Made

Just another way to reduce your carbon foot print! Choose Local and choose USA Made! 

12. Make Your Own Household Products

I have started making my own hand soaps and you can buy glass pumps at various stores like, T.J. Maxx or even Target. A great way to get low toxic soaps and saves money! 

13. Buy Less

Try not to overspend on groceries - cutting down food waste. Buy Less clothes, as mentioned before. With Instagram and all of the social media apps adding shopping actions - it is also making us think we need more. Make sure to check in with yourself to what you really need! 

14. Go Plastic Free with your Bathroom! 

Swap your plastic toothbrush for a bamboo one. Even your toothpaste can be plastic free! Bite is a great company that sells toothpaste bites in glass containers and I've seen other brands too sold at Target. 

15. Say No to Polyester

This was my personal New Years Resolution in 2018. It is not easy - however, it did help me to not buy as much and really say 'goodbye' to fast fashion! Almost everything now a-days can be made with polyester, but remember polyester is plastic! 

16. Educate a Friend! 

If it wasn't for my friend Brittany, I wouldn't be on this plastic-free journey. Educate a friend on one way they can become more eco-friendly and sustainable. Go gently and start with something they are passionate about ;) 

17. Buy Food in Bulk

This helps with decreasing plastic waste. Some ingredients you can buy in bulk are flour, sugar, oats, salt even! Find a local store and do as much as you have space for! 

18. Start Using a Reusable Bag! 

I just got one this year and I have loved using it to buy my food at the local farmers market! Great way to reduce your plastic bag usage.

19. Buy a GuppyFriend!

In 2019 I started washing all of my polyester clothes that I already owned in this bag. It catches all of the microfibers from seeping into the ocean from the wash. Studies have showed that microfibers have been found inside fish - yes, that's right! We are eating microfibers! 

20. Bring your own Water Bottle 

An easy way to get rid of plastic bottles! Bring your own glass or stainless steal water bottle with you to work everyday! My favorite is the BKR

21.Say No to Toxic Candles 

Another way I moved away from toxins in my home in 2019 was getting rid of all toxic chemicals. Candle wicks can have lead in them and as you burn the candle will release lead into your home. Also if they are made with fragrance - those also produce toxins in your home. Look for lead-free wicks and also candles made with 100% organic essential oils! 

Let us know what changes you are making in 2021 to lead a more sustainable life! We love hearing other steps you are taking as well that are not listed here! 

- Leisure Team


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