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Azo Dyes are Banned Here

Azo Dyes in textiles account for more than 50% of the worlds annual production and 70% of all organic commercial dyes today. Azo Compounds are used widely in every type of fiber used today to dye clothing. These productions include: Food Textiles Pharmaceutical Cosmetic Leather industries Azo dyes in textiles are a general term that refers to synthetic dyes. The main countries where they are found are: China Korea Argentina - where most of our clothes come from!    The issue however; is that they have also been shown to have extensive environmental and health consequences. There are too many chemicals to count nowadays.  Our manufacturer sends us a list every month of chemicals in clothing that they are avoiding. That is...

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Polyester Free Favorites

You asked.. I'm answering! As you (may) know our thing is making everything without polyester.   When we went to redevelop our Men's Boxers in 2019 I dove deep into different fabrics and found studies upon studies on how disruptive Polyester is. From then on, once you know, you can't consciously produce products with it. Knowing most boxers out there have polyester in them - we knew we only had one option & that was to be different. I have put together some of my all-time favorite items that are free of polyester aka plastic.  LEISURE of NYC - Classic Crew You can't go wrong with our Classic Crew. Developed for  Men, but has coined the term 'unisex crew' at many...

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